The “H’Mông Cultural” or “H’Mông Wedding Cultural”
is a calendar has illustrations describing ceremonies and features of wedding –
a special aspect in H’Mông tribe’s cultural.
Wedding ceremonies are one of the special cultural traditions of H’Mong ethnic group.
H’Mong people’s weddings are usually hold in the brightest and most beautiful spring days
to celebrate the marriages of those who are in love.
– – –
I L L U S T R A T I O N  &  D E S I G N
The calendar has seven pages including cover
with seven illustrating artworks making by carving rubber then printing on  paper –
a traditional paper for printing wood carving arts in Vietnam.
 The illustrations are drawn friendly for easily approaching.
Layout and typography of the calendar is designed with folk colors
but still modern and easy for using.
When a H’Mong boy and a H’Mong girl are in love with each other,
in a dated night, the boy will go to the girl home, along with two friend of him,
to propose marriage and take her home.
When come to the boy home, the couple has to stand before door cal roling for his family.
The boy’s family will catch a rooster and wave three rounds above the couple for purifying.
Only after that, they can enter the house.
Three days after the girl is taken to the boy home,
the boy’s parents will take the young spouse back to the girl home
to consult about the marriage and the wedding.
In the engagement ceremonies, the boy’s uncle, who is the witness,
will bring the agreed present to the girl home along with other boys in the village.
The engagement presents must have a rooster, a bottle of alcohol, and color threads.
The boy family will bring the wedding presents to the girl home in the evening one day before the wedding ceremonies.
The wedding presents include an amount of money, pork and alcohol. Besides, the most important present
is a black umbrella which is believed to cover the yound spouse from difficulties.
The wedding feast takes place when young boys and girls of the village